With the First Stroke of a Brush

you will fall in love with Lapis Lazuli Pigment, which is a gift to all artists from Nature”  The exceptional history of the use of Ultramarine/Lapis Lazuli pigment

Why use Ultramarine Pigment?

Natural ultramarine is the painters dream; the natural ultramarine pigment with its crystalline structure and multiple surfaces reflects light like a finely faceted jewel thereby exhibiting ever changing display of rich vibrant blues. This creates a three dimensional, gem like effect which is not at all possible with a very small, round and uniformly shaped particles of the synthetic ultramarine pigment.

The natural ultramarine has a high stability to light and records have shown a painting 500 yrs old which has as pure and intense a blue color as freshly painted. It is suitable for every medium, equally excellent with oils, water and egg tempera. Ultramarine is well suited to make works of art more distinguished and alive with its gemstone energy.

Paintings Made with De Mairo Pigments

These Wonderful Paintings are made with De Mairo Pigments, Different Techniques are used for making these paintings like Blending Lapis Pigment with different colors, glazing, treating the painting with Lapis wash.