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De Mairo 100% natural Lapis Lazuli Pigment

Premium Quality De Mairo pure Lapis Lazuli Dry Pigmen is the world’s most valuable and deep blue colour pigment. Every artist dreams of achieving the same luminosity in their art as the old master’s paintings. De Mairo Lapis lazuli pigment is extracted from Lapis Lazuli gemstone, a gemstone that is recognized by many ancient figures and holds value for its beautiful blue colour. Lapis Lazuli is made of Calcite, Pyrite and Lazurite. Upon removal of Calcite and Pyrite compositions, the pure Lazurite makes a deep blue colour pigment.
Lapis Lazuli pigment does not only provide the artist with a rich blue colour, but it also adds a certain shine to one’s art.
It is ideal for Oil Paintings, especially excellent for glazes and it is absorbed in Linseed oil/ liquid or any other painting medium in seconds. Lapis pigment can be mixed with any other colour and is suitable for Tempera Paintings as well.
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DeMairo 100% natural Lapis Lazuli Pigment

Natural Lapis lazuli Pigment has a wonderful historic importance in the art world for its jewel like brilliant beauty and preciousness. Its notable use can be seen in many of the important paintings of the Old Masters and famous artists of 13th-19thcentury of the World.

Premium Quality De Mairo pure Lapis Lazuli Dry Pigment is extracted from the gemstone Lapis Lazuli of the best grade. It is ideal for Oil Painting especially excellent for glazes,  it is absorbed in Linseed oil/ liquin or any other painting medium  in seconds and can be mixed with any other color. Equally splendid for Water Colors (mix it with a little Gum Arabic) yields smooth Brush strokes and suitable for Tempera Paintings as well. It imparts luminosity, durability and glittering beauty to paintings, thereby increasing their aesthetic and monetary value.

A pure delight for painters, miniature artists, illuminators, mural painters, Chinese ink painting artists and religious icon painters.

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5 reviews for Lapis Lazuli Pigment

  1. admin

    Ricardo | 5 reviews
    22/05/2014 Using De Mairo lapis lazuli pigment was amazing! It is easy and so much better than any other pre-done paint. I use the pigment in two paintings.

  2. admin

    Sr. Irene Gibson |
    29/03/2013I love working with this beautiful fine grain blue pigment. Iconography is such a sacred art and all the time one is praying and reflecting on heaven and the subject being painted. This is all the more so when using De Mairo Lapis Lazuli. The great Renaissance masters kept this beautiful rich blue pigment for robs of Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. When I work on an Icon I feel I must offer to God the very best of His gifts to us, and for me the De Mairo Lapis Lazuli is the best and finest quality. Iconographer ( ireland )

  3. Janice Knoll USA

    I find both of the De Mairo gemstone pigments I have used add a degree of luminosity and glow to the artwork. In the porcelain painting, I have added De Mairo Lapis Lazuli to Paynes Gray for the background and shadow areas. The Florida Sunset was painted using De Mairo Jasper in the sky and reflections in the water along with Lapis Lazuli pigment in the water. I am looking forward to trying your new colors as they come out.

  4. Annie Dwyer

    A student of Joan Cornish Willies has been painitng for several years, she is skilled in all mediums but her favourite is miniature, Her comments about De Mairo lapis Lazuli Pigment are as follows: “ De Mairo Lapis Pigment give a special glow which I have not been able to obtain in any other colors of fast drying oils”. while painting still life, she says” I love the finishing colors that De Mairo Lapis Brings out in the painting” while painting Water with De Mairo Lapis pigment she says “ after several coats of lapis along with some white the water seems so natural looking, when doing paintings I always tried using various other colors then came back to De Mairo Pigments as they seem to give the more natural colors to the various objects”

  5. Joan Cornish Willies

    The great British miniature painter and teacher of Historic miniature painting techniques Joan Cornish Willies is a member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters , She is also an Author of many Best selling Books on Miniature and Paintings. She Uses De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Pigment in her miniature paintings. Below are her comments on the use of De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Pigment. “ I have used the De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Pigment with Linseed oil and also poppy Oil and liquin and have found it, to be a joy to use, with glowing results when used especially on semi translucent base, as well as for water media the grind is so fine that there is not a trace of Grit. For the purpose of glazing techniques, it is perfect .The De Mairo lapis pigment when glazed over and over using liquin/ linseed oil as a medium has a deep intense blue color and has a wonderful glow “

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